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Use the below tips as a checklist for the period project.

Title Page. Use APA 7th edition (APA § 2.3-2.8 and APA Sample Papers).

Abstract. “An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article” (APA § 2.9).

Introduction. The introduction “addresses the importance of the work, contextualizes the work with the existing literature, and states the aims of the work” (APA § 2.11). Introduce the topic and explain why you are addressing the three major components of the assignment.

Sections. Components of the paper should include (a) an explanation of the historical evolution of leadership thought from 1900 to the present, (b) the impact of leaders on organizations in an increasingly global environment, and (c) a call-to-action section toward the end of your paper explaining the urgency for leadership in this global era. Consider distributing your efforts evenly across the three areas and then sandwiching them between the introduction and conclusion. Also, keep in mind that your word count target center is 1,000 words, excluding the cover page and references.

Conclusion. Summarize the essence of your paper.

Scripture. If you use scripture, directly relate and connect it with a specific concept or assertion in the paper.

Level of Research. Demonstrate your level of research by supporting each point with existing literature. Your project is an academic rather than an opinion paper, so use citations to back up all assertions, gain credibility, and avoid plagiarism. Consider using literature from the period readings and forum posts (yours and your peers).

Number of References. Give enough references to (a) give others credit for their work and (b) support your assertions.

Citations. “Cite the work of those individuals whose ideas, theories, or research have directly influenced your work” (APA § 8.1). At a minimum, cite a source “on first mention” and in all subsequent paragraphs (APA § 8.1, 8.24).

Audible Review. Before submission, read the paper aloud or listen to it via MS Word or Apple to help with flow and refinement.

Final Review. Before submission, check APA for formatting (paragraph headings, indentation, etc.), use Grammarly for refinement, consider using Reciteworks.com to check citations and references, and apply Turnitin to check for comparisons.

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