Leadership and Leader Development


You will need to demonstrate your knowledge of contemporary issues of leadership, integrating theory and practice by drawing on relevant theory in organizations and assessing its effectiveness. In order to meet the learning outcomes, you need to be focused and well organized. You will need to paraphrase and synthesize your evidence and references to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the field.
The key words in the learning outcomes are ‘critically reflect, ‘synthesize and critically analyze’ you need to read extensively around the area and from a range of perspectives to be able to meet these requirements. This is very important when you have a limited number of words; you need to be able to analyze key aspects and synthesize key writers and influencers to evidence these aspects.
Remember to be aware of bias in your reading, Leadership and Management can provoke emotional responses, your skill, as a writer at level 7, is to communicate the range of views in an objective way and provide evidence.
Part 1: Case Study Report – (2500 words, Due Date: 22/11/2023 @ 11.59 am @ – Via Canvas)
For Part 1, you will be using a report format, this is a particular style of writing and you will have specific guidance in sessions on how to do this. In your reading and research notice how different reports are set out; use of headings, numbering, style and tone of writing.
The key phrase in the title of Part 1 is ‘a Case Study Report’. The subject of your report is selected by you. This could be based on an example from a workplace setting, or an area of personal interest.
A case study approach is chosen when it is of specific interest, ‘it is the study of the particularity and complexity of a single case’ (Stake, 1995: xi) Case study research involves the careful examination of a particular issue or phenomenon.
Case study research is a form of inquiry, exploring and understanding the unknown. A key issue all researchers using case study research should be mindful of is the question, ‘where do you think you are going?’
Some topic suggestions for your chosen area (but not limited to):
• A case study of your organization and how leadership styles/approaches influence the organization.
• A case study from one aspect of Leadership/Leader Development such as traditional or critical approaches and how they are adopted within the organization/Department.
• A case study on strategic leadership and change.
• A case study with a comparison of two different leadership approaches.
Case studies can be useful in illustrating good practice and bad of the competent and mediocre – involving theory-seeking/theory testing, attempting to tease out why a situation is good, bad or mediocre

Part 2: Critical Reflective Account – (2000 words, Due Date: 10/12/2023 @ 11.59 am – Via
With regards to Part 2, a Critical Reflective Account, critically evaluating the individual’s progress through the module with reference to appropriate literature and including an action plan for future development and a reference list arriving out of your ESCI 360. Also, a Reflective Learning Log was provided during Induction, this will be referred to during the weekly sessions. It is important therefore that you attend all sessions, as further guidance will be provided in sessions on assessments one and two.

Marking Criteria: Case Study Report (Part 1)
In marking individual assignments, grading is likely to equate to the following criteria. There may be occasions where weaknesses against one criterion are offset by strengths against another. Please interpret marks in conjunction with qualitative feedback provided below.
You should be able to:
• Use appropriate format and present items in a logical structure
• Use Harvard referencing in text and bibliography
• Show a high level of writing skills with error free spelling

The assignments will pass if you have demonstrated that you have met all learning outcomes, if they demonstrate a standard of academic thinking and writing appropriate to Level 7 standards. The level 7 grids will help you to identify what the pass standard is, you need 50% or above to pass the module. If you feel you need help or clarification consult with your tutor.

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