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Instructions: An article question discussion on Chapter 13 pages 278-283 on Breach of Contract and Remedies. Please do an article about Breach of Contract and Remedies. Please find something from a credible source article. You have done great so far so I trust whatever article you choose will be great. Just look at the uploads on PowerPoint or notes to get an idea of what kind of article to do. Please follow the Pack back instructions on how to ask questions and guidelines I have uploaded. I will upload the two classmate’s posts to respond to by Thursday night December 7th. I have uploaded the notes and PowerPoint notes for this discussion. We are reading Chapter 13 pages 278-283 Breach of Contract and Remedies in Legal Environment of Business Text and Cases 11th edition. Frank Cross and Roger Miller authors. ISBN: 978-0-357-12976-0. Make sure the web article is no earlier than 2021 and I need article cited. Must summarize article in 3 /4 page and respond to two classmates post in 1/2 page. I will upload the 2 classmates posts to respond on. Must be in own words or pack back will flag and must be asking a question that relates to ethics.

See Pack back separate upload of how to ask and answer classmate’s post.
Chapter Discussions
For discussions, we will be using the service Pack Back (see below). For each chapter, every student must find a web article (no earlier than 2021) that deals with the chapter or topic we are discussing. This can be from a newspaper, magazine, or similar periodical as well as more scholarly articles. You must summarize the article and state how it relates to the chapter. Provide a link to your article! Further, you must respond to a minimum of two posts from your peers for each topic. Be specific and detailed in your discussions and responses. To receive full credit, you must have a minimum of several sentences summarizing your article and a minimum of several sentences detailing how your article relates to the chapter we are discussing (as well as the 2 response posts).
As a general guideline, your discussion
posts should be around 3/4 page in length, and your responses should be 1/2 page in length.

It is your responsibility to 1) know the Packback guidelines (the two issues I see posts getting flagged the most are asking your question in the wrong way or quoting too much in your post or response), and 2) doing your post early enough that if it does get flagged and removed that you can fix the issue before the deadline.
Example of professor’s instructions for question about Constitutional Law:
Should there be limitations placed on a businesses free speech rights that are not placed on an individual’s free speech rights? Why?
Should there be limitations placed on a businesses free speech rights that are not placed on an individual’s free speech rights? Why?
This is just an example of a question. Remember to start your discussion with an open-ended question, then spend several sentences discussing the article you found (also include the link to the article), and finally spend several sentences relating the article to the proper topic (constitutional law is the first topic). Also remember to respond to two of your classmates discussions. You do not respond to my discussion, but to two of your classmates. You also find your own discussion post.

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