L530 DCL Journal Assignment: Moral Courage and Ethics

Topic of Journaling: Write a 300-500 word substantive journal entry in APA format analyzing the concepts and theories you read about in L303 and L304; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, explain how cognitive biases can affect a Sergeant Major’s ability to influence decision-making and the potential impact on how this affects the demonstration of moral courage and judgement.

Reflect upon the below questions before you begin:

• How does a Sergeant Major help to sustain and maintain an ethical command climate in war? The response should discuss how the Sergeant Major would assess and develop the climate and ensure that the organizational conduct, policy, and norms are aligned with stated values.

• What is the Sergeant Major’s role in fostering an environment where moral courage is displayed? Your response should discuss the relationship between physical and moral courage and how power affects the demonstration of moral courage.

 • Think about how your biases affect your judgement. What are some of the cognitive biases you read about in L103. As a leader you must be familiar with the various cognitive biases and remain aware of your own biases that govern and compel your behavior.

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