Kinds and Effects of Communication

Introduce the scenario in this section, and then, provide an overarching insight into the topics that will be included in this paper.
Use 12-pt Times New Roman font, and double space and indent each paragraph throughout your assignment. Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, at least 2 qualifier sentences, and a transition for a total of 4 sentences. Use APA in-text citations where your references are used. Do not change the document margins. The paper should be 3–5 pages (plus a title page and a reference page).
Selected Country
The selection of the country can be the same one used in Unit 2IP, if you wish. Introduce the country you have selected and provide detail on why that country was picked over other countries for this assignment. Use resources to support your ideas, as needed.
Differences and Similarities:
In this section, from the two countries selected in the Introduction, include a comparison of the differences and similarities in cultural variables that impact communication in a face-to-face environment. Be specific and add resources as needed.
Individual Biases
In this section, discuss how individual biases influence business communication. Be sure to include concepts like xenophobia or ethnocentrisms. Be sure to use resources to support your insight.
Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
In this section, include differences in verbal and nonverbal communication that would challenge effective communication. Be sure to include concepts like implied messaging or formality, for example. Use resources to help support your insight.
Summarize the main points of your paper. Be sure to proofread your assignment for organization, grammar, punctuation, and APA style.

Cite 1–3 sources in APA format. Here are some examples of references cited in APA format:
Khan, M. A., Ismail, F. B., Altaf, H., & Basheer, A. (2020). The interplay of leadership styles, innovative work behavior, organizational culture, and organizational citizenship behavior. Sage Open, 10(1).
Kmec, J. (2012, March 13). Where’s the boss? And what counts as “work”? The Society Pages.
Gliddon, D. G., & Rothwell, W. J. (2018). Innovation leadership. Routledge.

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