Kemal Case Study

For participation points this week: Please refer to the textbook & article for the case study:

 ***Glenn N. Saxe, B. Heidi Ellis, & Adam D. Brown. (2016). Trauma Systems Therapy for Children and Teens, Second Edition: Vol. Second edition. The Guilford Press.

***Use of the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System in the formulation of a case of an adolescent refugee with PTSD: Kemal’s Case Study

  • What are some of the key symptoms that Kemal is displaying? Are there any examples of Kemal experiencing trauma reminders, or being triggered?   Where would you assess Kemal on the TST grid found on page 205 of the text (Is he experiencing survival states?  Are they dangerous?
  • Consider the scene described by Kemal on page 585 and the related discussion on page 586. What might have led to Kemal’s mother being unable to provide him with the comfort and assurance that he needed? 
  • Where would you asses Kemal’s family on the TST grid (Helpful and protective?  Insufficiently helpful and protective?  Harmful?)  

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