KBS Case Study Evaluation

1: Read case study and answer the questions in a report format

 krun B-School (KB) is a leading Business School in Hong Kong with 5,000 students (3,000 Undergraduates and 2,000 from Postgraduate and Postgraduate Research (PGR). TBS has 250 staff (150 academic and 100 professional services)..

35% of the school’s academic staff and 1% professional services are of overseas origin, with 5% of staff registered as having a physical disability. KBS attracts 4% of its UG student population from overseas, whereas 80% of PGT students are overseas and 15% registered physically disabled.

Some UG programmes attract fewer than 15% female students and are taught by male academics (95% of teaching staff on these programmes are male).

To date, KBS has NO data on staff or student sexuality, religion, non-physical disabilities or their preferred pronouns.

Although KBS congratulates itself on being an ‘inclusive organisation’, the emerging trends suggest the reality is very different. For instance, staff and student surveys provide evidence that both students and staff are not being treated with dignity and respect, with the turnover rate of minority groups (both staff and students) increasing. Hence, KBS has prioritized the development of a diversity and inclusion policy designed to attract and retain staff and students.

  1. Write a recommendation on how to address EACH of the following two issues:
  • increase the diversity of staff and or students at KBS.
  • increase the sense of inclusion and ‘family’ both a) within the staff and/or student communities

(A brief formal policy and comprehensive operational instructions be included in the recommendations, which should be backed up by best practice case studies and research. The recommendations should be based mostly on the Diversity and Inclusion materials provided below in pdfs   Consider that your suggestions should increase student and staff happiness, dedication, and engagement.)

  1. Provide an evaluation method: Provide two techniques for measuring the outcome of your proposals.
  2. A questionnaire survey sample questions and informal discussions (as that would help get input from the students and staff in a more a free environment can actually speak out for what they believe should be done to improve diversity). 

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