Jung’s Analytical Psychology

Chapter 3 – Carl Jung: Analytical Psychology

1. Find and take a personality test online that is Jungian in nature. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) would be the best to take, as it was developed in relationship to Jung’s psychological types of introversion and extraversion and is the most extensively researched. You should be able to find lots of free options, but if you opt to pay to access more sophisticated cites, that is up to you. You can access and learn about the MBTI through some of these sites.

Discuss what you learned about yourself from this assessment in terms of Jung’s ideas. Be thorough here and bring in details from our readings. [300 word minimum]

2. (A) Describe “life’s goal” as Jung saw it. (B) What is your “life’s goal”? [150 words minimum]

3. Using Jung’s concept of the “collective unconscious,” explain in your words the widespread appeal of music and/or competitive sports. [150 words minimum]

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