Journal Article Summary: Discussion

For this Discussion Board, read a research article from a professional journal on a study related to a model of psychotherapy. The date of publication cannot be prior to 2017. The article must be on a particular study, a systematic review, or a meta-analysis (a study of studies done on a topic). All research articles have a methods section and a results section.  Non-research articles do not. Please do not submit your original post nor peer responses as Word documents. This causes the reader to have to take an extra step to access your posts.

The discussion board posts need to demonstrate/include:

  1. Critical analysis of the topic, not just a repeat of the abstract. The takeaway should be yours, not the conclusion of the authors!
  2. Good writing skills (including spelling and grammar, word choice, and overall organization).
  3. Presentation of new ideas/concepts that promote further discussion. You cannot simply repeat what your peers have said nor what has been said by the authors of their articles or your articles.
  4. Minimum length of 250 words for initial post.

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