Job Application Scenario: Resume and Cover Letter

Case Assignment

Job Application Scenario

Use the resources provided in this module’s readings:

  • Create a professional 1-page resume. (You may use a template)
  • Write a cover letter in response to a job listing (for which you qualify). Do not copy someone else’s cover letter.

You may omit your street address and phone number for this submission.

Both are to be formally written in a professional way. Please use proper English. Your resume and letter will be graded on overall effectiveness and how much and how well you applied ideas from the readings. This includes their ability to generate goodwill and convince your prospective employer on your strengths, while preventing potential negative impressions. Achieving these would make a compelling case for your application and hence, give you an opportunity to be interviewed.

While you may use resume and cover letter templates for style, it is not acceptable to copy the words/text in samples. Resumes or Cover Letters that are found to be copied will not earn credit.

There is a FREE version of Grammarly ( that works better than Word’s grammar check. You may not catch errors when proofreading, but Grammarly can help you recognize the common errors and learn those rules.

Assignment Expectations

Your submission will include:

  • Resume (one-page Word document)
  • Cover Letter (one-page Word document)

Develop and reference your sources of information with References Page, In-text Citations, and APA Title Page formatting from the following Guides and Links:

APA 7th Assignment Template
Trident’s Introduction to APA –
Understanding Plagiarism-
Student Support Resources –

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