Jesus’ Trial

There is some historical evidence to suggest that Jesus’ trial that led to his crucifixion was unjust. At any rate, we know that he led a perfect, sinless life and yet was found guilty and sentenced to death. If you were to consider U.S. Law (statutes) and/or the U.S. Constitution:

What elements of Jesus’ trial seem unjust to you?
What U.S. Law(s) and/or Rights were violated? (CITE THE SOURCE, APA FORMAT 7th Edition).
How does learning about the illegality of Jesus’ trial cause you to realize the importance of following legal due process protections for criminal defendants, and give you sympathy for those who might be abused by the criminal justice system?
How does the knowledge of Jesus’ unjust trial give you a new understanding of Christ’s love, and how might it help you share that love with others?

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