Investigating a Critical Practice Question Through a Literature Review

The Assignment

Part 1: Literature Review (10+ scholarly articles)

Using the Walden Library as your source, search to select at least 10 scholarly articles that represent current literature (i.e., published within the previous 5 years) with evidence that addresses your critical question and could inform a practice change initiative for quality improvement. Using the Individual Evidence Summary Tool template document, complete all sections for each article.

Part 2: Critical Assessment (7+ pages)

In a paper of at least 7 pages, plus cover page and references page, include the following:

  • Write a critical assessment of your search outcomes that synthesizes the evidence from your literature review.
  • Demonstrate clear connections between the practice problem that informs your critical question, your appraisal of evidence that addresses the critical question, and resulting clarification on the need for a practice change initiative focusing on quality improvement. Be specific and provide examples.

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