Introduction To The Study Of Religion


  1. Identify key concepts in the academic study of religion.
  2. Delineate a Christian approach to the study of other religions.
  3. Identify basic beliefs and practices of the various forms of historical Christianity.

Assessment Description

Take a moment to explore your new classroom and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates. What are you excited about learning? What do you think will be most challenging?

Topic 1 DQ 1

Assessment Description

What are the core beliefs of biblical Christianity that are shared between the three historical forms of Christianity? Cite supporting information from the textbook and topic Resources.

Topic 1 DQ 2

Assessment Description

The author of the course textbook offered his definition of religion. Based on your own spiritual understandings and beliefs, do you agree with this definition? Explain your reasoning. Cite supporting information from the textbook and topic Resources.

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