Introduction To Sociology Assignments

Assignment 7


Chapter 9 quiz From your book read Nickel and Dimed on Page 12 (in other editions of the book you will have to find it) Answer and submit the three questions.  If you have an older edition of the text for the class.. look in the back under Barbara Erenreich, Nickel and Dimed for the page number of the half page article.   It is in Chapter 1.

Neo-Colonialism, Corporations, Firestone

Assignment 8


How much of your life is determined by your social class?  The way you dress?  Speak?  Walk?  Where you live?  What schools and college you went/go to?  Who you marry? 

Assignment 9


Watch both of these videos… This is supposed to be controversial… learning should not be comfortable.  If you are comfortable learning are you really learning anything?

Watch and submit a reaction to the TED Talk, 50 Shades of Gay

Assignment 10


Watch these short videos:

  After watching the above videos read the article below and do your interview.                                  

1)  Go to:  and read the article:  Now That I’m Here

2)When you read the article you probably thought of a person from high school, neighborhood, place of worship, work, or college that is an immigrant.  DO NOT INTERVIEW YOURSELF!  If you are an immigrant find a person from another country, not a relative!

3) Set up a time to talk to them about issues of immigration, race, racism, hunger, war, poverty, politics, homelessness, in their country of origin and in the United States.  What was their experience with these issues in their past and now in the United States.  Ask them what they want for their lives and the lives of their children.  Do they send help back to their relatives.

4) Summarize your conversation.  Teach me something about this person and their experience in America.            

5)   Title the entry:  Now That I’Participate in the discussion, Now That I’m Here, Race and Ethnicity in America.

Assignment 11


You have watched the links… read and taken 12 quizzes.  How are Chapters 1-12 in your book interrelated?

What do Human Rights, globalization, politics, gender, Sociological theory, sports all have to do with each other?

Assignment 12


What is your purpose?   Your goals?  Tell me your What, your How… how are you going to accomplish your WHY?

Tell me your WHY!     Why do you want to accomplish your what.

A short video about the intended purpose of education and the achievement gap.

Is this a point of view that you agree or disagree with?

Assignment 13


What do you think about the education you received in K-12?  Was is good?  Did you get less than kids in Woodbury or Eden Prairie get?  What do you want for your kids?  Did you get enough education to vote?  To really think for yourselves?

Assignment 15


Shameless (U.S.)   Go onto Netflix, beg or borrow access it is not that difficult.   Watch at least the first two episodes of this series.   Many of you will become addicted and binge watch it.   Welcome to my world.  After you watch the first two episodes or two random episodes I want you to comment about the following in your response.  

How does social class impact where you live?   Reflect at where you have lived in your life how much have you had to deal with crime?   Do you know people like the family in this series?   Think of social class, not race or ethnicity.  Research has shown over and over again that crime and poverty are linked.    How can we as a society and individuals weaken this link?    What sociological theory most applies to the people in this show?

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