International Youth Justice

Assignment #1 consists of researching an aspect of the youth criminal justice system in another country. Consider selecting a country that interests you. Then, find an aspect of the youth criminal justice system in that country that you find unique. For example, you might discover a unique program, key worker, court process, youth custody process, involvement of parents, offences committed, youth justice models, etc.
Once the unique aspect has been identified, describe that aspect as it occurs in your selected country.
Then, you will compare that unique aspect to what you have learned about the Canadian youth justice system. Here, you are required to make two connections in the form of similarities or differences and use course materials in APA7 format, to support these connections.

Length: 4 pages, not including References
APA: Use APA 7th Edition style for formatting, citing, and references.
References: Use at least two of the required readings from this course plus other sources.
Safe Assign: this assignment will be submitted to SafeAssign
Word Document: Please submit as a word document.

You will be graded on spelling, grammar, APA7, essay structure, as well as the content included in your paper. Please proofread your paper carefully before submitting through Blackboard.

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