International Migration and Diaspora Politics


First step is to formulate a question to write a critical essay about. The question should be based on the things discussed on the module ‘International migration and diaspora politics’. All the readings for the module are attached. In other words, the question formulated should be based on one or more of the readings attached.

Introduction (max 500 words)

In this introduction, the student must provide a background of their topic. What is the background of your research? What is the general topic of your research? What is your research question? Why is it relevant? Then conclude the section by discussing the structure of your paper.

Main body (give a title, max 2,500 words, 8-10 books/academic papers)

Discuss the main aspects of your topic. Reiterate your topic and research question (rephrase). What are the main aspects/characteristics of your chosen topic? What are the historical/social/political/economic implications of your chosen topic? How does the literature you have read has presented and discussed your topic? In other words,

  • Describe the events/situations/facts
  • Stating evidence or support
  • Saying what has been done in the field
  • Listing elements or viewpoints
  • Conclude the section by providing an overview of the important aspects

In this section, the student must provide a detailed discussion of the chosen topic and its main aspects. In order to make it easier to develop the topic, you can also create sub-headings.

Counter-argument (give a title, max 2,500 words, 8-10 books/academic papers)

What is the main point that has emerged by analysing the literature in the previous section? Reiterate the main aspects/points. Then

  • Identify other people’s positions, arguments and conclusions that you agree with
  • Evaluate the evidence provided
  • Paraphrase other people’s arguments
  • Show gaps in the field and explaining
  • Explain your own perspective/approach/view supported by evidence/facts/events (references).
  • Conclude the section by reiterating your approach/perspective/view
    In this section, the student must discuss their own perspective/approach/view on the chosen topic and provide an argument that can support such a perspective/approach/view. The student must use different references in order to demonstrate and support their view. In order to make it easier to develop the topic, you can also create sub-headings.

Conclusion (max 500 words)

Summarise the main points of your paper and perspective/view you provide.

References (not included in the word count)

Report in alphabetical order the references used in your paper. You can choose your own referencing style

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