Internal and External Environment in an Organization

  1. Choose a sport or recreation organization and complete an analysis paper, discussing how that organization is managed, its internal and external environments, and the challenges faced Ideas? I’ll let the writer decide, but I would like to know what he/she chose or see what he/she will be writing about.
    a. ***The paper must contain Strengths and weaknesses. The internal environment includes factors that the organization controls.
    b. The organization’s culture, product development, mission, and strategy are all part of the internal environment. The internal environment consists of members of the firm itself, investors in the firm, and the assets a firm has. (employees, managers, etc.)
    c. Organizational Resources (Examples of Internal environments)
    Physical resources-
    Tangible, material resources such as:
    Buildings Technologies Equipment
    Raw materials Geographical location Human resources-
    The intangible capital found within individuals:
    Human capital Training
    Experiences Judgment Intelligence Abilities
    Network of relationships Organizational resources:
    More tangible capital found within the organization
    Culture Values
    Informational relations between groups Planning
    Coordinating systems
    External Environment: (Examples of external environments) All the stuff on the outside of the organization
    ***The Paper must include Opportunities and threats
    Technology, Economical, Political, Legal Stakeholders?
  2. Students must consider the organizational structure, size, and scope of the organization and the nature of its business as well.
  3. The paper will require referenced scholarly sources and research. The paper will consist of (minimum):
    7 total pages
    5 content pages
    1 cover page
    At least 1 reference page (at least 5 scholarly journal articles) APA 6th, not 7th, my professor old school I would like a US Writer, please!
    I need ALL copies of the references used as well in the paper

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