Interdisciplinarity and Worldview Reflection Assignment


Reflections are opportunities for you to reflect on course material to better understand the material and yourself. This reflection, in two halves, covers interdisciplinarity as a worldview modifier and your reading of Covey.


In a paragraph of no more than 200 words, please explain what “interdisciplinarity” is. Do not just quote another source: explain interdisciplinarity in your own words. It would be good to begin with a definition, but don’t stop there. Make it your own.

In a second paragraph of no more than 200 words, please explain what a worldview is and how an interdisciplinary perspective impacts a/your Christian worldview. For example, how do you look at the world differently in light of interdisciplinary ideas? Does it affect how you see God’s creation or how you see how He works through you?

In a third paragraph of no more than 200 words, please reflect on and explain the personal impact of the single most helpful lesson you learned from Covey this sub-term.


  1. You may use first person, but not second person.
  2. Use unique headings to clearly separate your answers.
  3. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be flawless. Use current APA formatting, but no abstract page is required.

Additional Suggestions:

  1. You can explain interdisciplinarity in your own words, but if you find it hard to describe it in a way not already done, it would be better to cite references and create a references page than to accidentally plagiarize.
  2. Remember to focus on just one narrowed topic from Covey and to give it personal application. Don’t pick an entire chapter or habit but rather pick one of the principles discussed in one of the chapters.
  3. You can begin brainstorming for your reflection using the following questions (though you shouldn’t use these exact wordings in your reflection itself—be original):
    1. How has interdisciplinarity affected my life?
    1. How has interdisciplinarity affected the way I see the world?
    1. How will I use an interdisciplinary mindset to tackle problems in the future?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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