Innovation in Technology

Assignment Overview

In this Case Assignment, review this PowerPoint Tutorial and bookmark the following websites for tutorials to make your own creative interpretation of the importance of creativity in problem solving.

PowerPoint training courses, videos and tutorials:

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • Word for Mac Training

Case Assignment

Develop a short PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your understanding of the creative process. Highlight your own creativity as you develop the following slides:

Slide 1: Include images and words in a collage that illustrates your first impressions when you see or hear the word “creativity.”

Slide 2: Include images and words in a collage that illustrates your first impressions when you see or hear the word “Problem Solving.”

Slides 3 & 4: The process for developing innovative ideas is often referred to as the design process, or the engineering design process. The article, Decisions by Design: Stop Deciding, Start Designing was written by two designers at IDEO, an influential design firm. “Decisions by Design” describes how the process of engineering design can be viewed as a process for decision making. After reading this article, consider how design facilitates decision making. Based on your observations, what are some steps in the design process? How are these steps helpful in decision making? Organize your answers to these questions in at least 2 slides using bullet points. Include images wherever you would like to illustrate your own personal creativity.

Assignment Expectations

Develop at least 4 PowerPoint slides using the instructions above.

  1. Creative images can be found using Internet websites, scholarly articles, textbooks, etc. Include a title on each slide and descriptive text in the notes section of each slide.
  2. Each slide must contain:
    1. At least one image per term
    1. Abbreviated text defining the term
    1. References cited next to each image (full reference will be included on the References Cited slide, so refer to the Writing Style Guide on how to use in text citations next to each image)
    1. Full definition in each Notes section- you must include speaker notes
  3. Add a Title Slide and a References Cited slide. Your References Cited slide should list the bibliographical information for each image you use to illustrate the required terms.
  4. Upload as a PowerPoint file into your Case drop box by the module due date.

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