Information Literacy Narrative Self-Reflection

This narrative self-reflection is a one time assignment that you will complete at the end of the Information Literacy Units

  • Similar to other self-reflections, the information literacy self-reflections are a qualitative component that offer an exploration of lessons learned and reflective contemplation that is an important component of the doctoral candidate’s development as a researcher.  (Minimum of two (2) pages). Since this is a personal reflection, you do not need to use APA formatting including the title page. If you cite a reference you should include a reference page. 

Please use the below to guide your Information Literacy Narrative Self-Reflection:

  • Reflect on the purpose of information literacy and research as a DNP candidate and future advanced practice nurse.
    1. Describe your personal information literacy process and changes that may have occurred during this process. Consider new resources, concepts, or steps that you may have learned.
    2. What strengths have you developed related to information literacy?
    3. Identify any areas needing improvement relative to information literacy based on completion of this module.

The grade for this unit will be obtained via the self reflection as well as the completion of the IL units.  

This assignment enables the learners to meet Course SLO #2, 3. 

Grading will be completed within 3 days after the assignment due date, with feedback provided once all submissions are graded. 

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