Influence of Chronic Health Conditions

Final Project Instructions

The goal for this assignment is to critically analyze the influence of chronic health conditions and/or special populations on the health and fitness industry and on you as a professional within the industry.  For this assignment you will summarize, in your own words, the three main topics/points of interest to you. You will use one of two designated chapters. [6th ed. Chapter 16] or [7th ed Chapter 23].

Identify the 3 main topics/points that stood out to you within this Chapter [6th ed. Chapter 16] or [7th ed Chapter 23].  Explain your previous exposure to these topics/points, and why you chose them out of the many within the chapter.  Describe the topic of interest. Define any key terms using a combination of formal definitions and personal descriptions.  Explain how will this topic/point assist you in your future within the health and fitness industry?

In addition to discussing your three chosen topics, reflect upon your personal experience with the class, SPHE420 Exercise Programming and Testing. Reflection, within an essay, involves a writing space that allows you to recall your experience with this course and explore how you have changed and/or learned from your personal fitness assessments. Ask yourself: What have I learned? What have I developed? Did it have a positive or negative impact on you? What would you have done differently? Why? What specific skills did you acquire as a result of the course? How will these skills assist you in your future as a Health and Fitness Professional?

Use the attached “Final Project WK8 Format and Layout Guidelines” to assist you with layout and specific assignment requirements. 


The narrative of your paper should be a minimum of 3 written pages (not including title page and reference page); charts or tables will enhance your project but will not count toward your total page count. Please support the rationale for your thoughts and opinions.  Cite the sources of any definitions or ideas that are not your own using appropriate academic sources (minimum of 2 References – required readings as sources are allowed and encouraged).


The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (7th edition)

  • title page
  • headings: See outline above for heading title ideas
  • page numbers
  • in-text citations
  • reference page

Including the title and reference pages, your entire submission will be no shorter than 5 pages.

**Also, please refer to our APUS Library for help with APA formatting. And the Perdue Owl:

Please use your NASM text readings (both in class and via, the NASM forms (attached), and any other peer-reviewed/scientific resources you may find as reference material for this assignment.  Our APUS Library Search Engines are a good place to begin.

Please refer to the attached rubric for additional details and guidance.

There are several ways to incorporate a Template/Table into your WORD document; a few hints:

If you are unsure of how to do this -the easiest way is to complete your template on one document, then take a screenshot (I use a Mac & the command for screenshot is command+shift+4, which then gets saved as a pic.  On a PC, there is often a “print screen” button which actually saves the screenshot to your desktop OR to a clipboard for you to paste in a word doc), open and copy the picture, then paste it into the document in the appropriate spot.

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