Immigration and Healthcare Research Paper

Your research paper for this course should be about 2000 words in length regarding a topic in the area of culture and health communication.  Your paper needs a cover page that lists (1) the title of your research project; (2) your name; (3) the course number and title; (4) the course instructor’s name and title; (5) names of the course department and university; and (6) your submission date, or the quarter and year of your submission.

Underneath the cover page, your research paper should comply with the following format: 


This is a brief overview/summary of your research paper.  Limit it to 100 or 150 words.                                                             


In this section, introduce your reader to the topic you plan to investigate.  In addition to knowing what your topic is and how much you’re interested in studying it, your reader needs some background information regarding your area of interest (history of the topic) so as to understand your topic in its proper perspective.  More importantly, he/she is curious about why you desire to conduct research on such a topic, what your purpose is, and how you justify your research endeavor (a rationale).  200 words should be adequate for this introduction.                                                                                                   

Literature Review

Given the limited span of time you have for the course, your literature review may not be a comprehensive/exhaustive one of past research done up to date on your topic, but you must review adequate number of relevant studies (about a dozen of them) that you deem as significant enough to inform you of the topic you intend to investigate.  Your task is to report what has been done so far on your topic in the research literature and, then, identify what can be done further to advance our knowledge on the topic.  Your purpose is to critically evaluate what has been done in the field regarding your topic, and identify what, in your judgment, needs to be done further to advance knowledge on the topic.  Based on what has been reviewed, you construct/develop research question(s), arguments, or hypothesis/hypotheses.  Your word-limit for this section is 800.                                         

Research Method

Specify (in details) your selected method of inquiry, paying attention to your rationale for the method.  Why, in your view, is the method chosen the most appropriate and effective for your project?  What is the protocol such as instruments and/or sources utilized, and what are the procedures such as sampling, interviewee selection, data collection, and so on?  Were data analyzed qualitatively or quantitatively, and how?  What types of statistical analyses, if any, were performed?   Try 300 words for this section.                                                               

Research Results & Discussion

Present your research findings in this section.  Qualitative materials or quantitative data collected must be organized and/or analyzed in accordance with the theoretical framework and/or concepts reviewed in your “Literature Review”.  Put your interpretations of the meanings of your research findings here as your discussion of the research results.  If you’ve composed an argument instead of research questions or hypotheses, then, you should use your research findings to substantiate your argument here in this section.  Otherwise, use the research findings/results to answer your research questions or hypotheses. Finish this section in less than 500 words.  

Conclusion & Implications

Your purpose for this section is simple: to summarize your research project, point out the most significant findings and/or meanings of your research results.  Since you are now “older and wiser”, you should offer some implications of your study and point out the directions for fellow researcher who would like to pursue your line of research.  Word limit for this section: 200.    


You should only use reliable academic references for this assignment.  Published research articles, books and database are preferred over online sources.  Please list all your references, cited and/or consulted, online or in print, in strictly APA style (. )   No word limit for this part of the assignment. 


Attach these only when you believe it’s necessary and helpful.  Your purpose is to provide needed relevant materials to help further illustrate your project.  Otherwise, it’s not necessary for you to attach materials as appendices.

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