Human Settlement and Interaction in the Great Lakes Region

“The fur trade was, in its own minor way, hell on the landscape…It was premonitory; its cut-and-run, take-the resource-elsewhere-and-get out attitude would set the pattern for future attitudes toward the Lakes, the northern forests, and, in a sense, the whole continent.”

Your assignment is to write an essay addressing Ashworth’s profile of human settlement and interaction in the Great Lakes Region, from the pre-contact period through to the end of the War of 1812. Whatever views you express, you will need to defend them with specific examples and references to evidence. In order to ensure the academic integrity of this assignment, research and references for this exercise must be limited to only materials that have been assigned within this class.
No citation is necessary, but do NOT use any outside information. I have provided the readings where you must go in and find evidence of the above statement to be true. I wanted to ask you for some clarification on our essay prompt to ensure I write about the right topic and cover all points. You are to prove the statement given about Willam Ashworth’s perception of the fur trade, “The fur trade was, in its own minor way, hell on the landscape…It was premonitory…” and use points that prove this statement to be true from the content.

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