Human Health Experience

This scholarly paper is based on your learning from the guest speaker who presented in the class on The Human Health Experience (Week 2) in relation to core course theory. The points below correspond to headings you will use in your paper. Some components you can integrate to create headings that support flow to your paper, given there are multiple different layers of complexity.

• Introduction: Requires no heading, but should include a thesis statement that ‘hooks’ the reader to the gist of your paper and an overview of what the reader can expect in the paper.

• Briefly (maximum 1 page) describe the human health experience of the guest speaker. Include an overview of what happened to them physically as well as their feelings, thoughts, and actions at the time. (To ensure the guest speaker’s confidentiality is maintained, students are NOT to record the presentation and use a pseudonym when referring to the guest speaker).

• Discuss the individuals’ determinants of health factors (maximum of 3) that have shaped their overall health experience (for example – family concerns, economic considerations, occupational issues, healthcare resource limitations). Support identification of the determinants of health with grey literature (other than textbook – secondary source) to indicate sources that describe this categorical language.
• Describe the abstract concepts (maximum of 3) that stood out in the individual’s narrative. Use narrative quotes or paraphrasing to highlight how these concepts apply. How does the literature contribute to your understanding of the concept and the human health experience? This is where you will showcase a themed analysis and synthesis of the literature from secondary sources you find for each concept in relation to primary anecdotal data from the guest speaker.
Reflection & assumptions: Reflect on and discuss your assumptions (based on yo
Two determinant of health
1)social support and coping skills-her neighbors helping and she trying to teach children
2) income and social status -concerning how she cant work full time
Her main sickness is kidney disease and dialysis
References not more than five years nursing journal paper

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