HRD: Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis Paper (150 points)
The major project for HRD is an analysis of an organization and its training and development processes. You are responsible for gathering information about your chosen organization for a “potential” employee seeking a job in HRD within this organization.

Your final product will contain information about the organization as a whole, as well as information about its training/development services and processes. This information will help a member of this class gain sufficient information to determine whether or not he/she would be interested in working in this environment. This information will be collected from a variety of sources which may include the informational interview assignment. This information will be presented in both a written and an oral format.

Guidelines for Written Presentation:
Items to include in this analysis are:

I Introduction:
Inform the reader the purpose of this report, the reasons you selected this particular organization, and how you went about collecting the necessary information and the various sources that were used in your research.

II Findings:
Share with the reader information about important aspects of this organization as a whole such as:

a. Purpose of the organization –(what do they do?)
b. Brief history of the organization (highlights only)
c. Philosophy/culture of this organization
–(mission statement, guiding principles, vision statement…)
d. Physical impressions of the organization –(#of offices, locations, #of staff)
e. Structure of the organization –(org. chart, ..regions,.. divisions..)
f. Current concerns of this organization –(economics, layoffs, competition..)
g. Future plans of the organization –(what next for this organization?)

III The Human Resource Development Function:
Share with the reader specific information about the Human Resource Development function within this particular organization. How does HRD fit in with this particular organization?
a. Training/Development mission or philosophy statement (their purpose?)
b. Structure of HRD Department –(how is the dept. organized or divided?)
c. Needs of the organization that are filled by HRD (Career Development, OD, specific Individual Training…)
d. Roles and responsibilities of HRD Department staff – (Who does what?)
e. Types of training/development conducted by HRD Department–(course examples, training schedules, outsource directories?)
f. Outside HRD resources used by this organization –(consultants, HRD vendors, training specialists…) If not used, why not?
g. Other relevant HRD information you have obtained?

IV. Conclusion:
The conclusion should include a summary of the key points of your findings and your overall impressions of this organization. (Try to be specific here.)

· How does the research information you have gathered relate to our class discussions of the chapters you read in Gilley and Eggland’s text? Make connections between what you see in this organization and what you have studied and learned in class. Cite text examples if possible.

· How has your perception of this organization and its HRD function been enhanced or influenced by what we have discussed in class or by your outside readings?

· *Include a paragraph or two discussing your interest of lack of interest in working for this organization. Based on your analysis, your own needs and personality, would this be a good HRD employer. Why not?

(*Note – You may want to keep this last statement on a separate sheet of paper since some organizations may want you to send them a copy of your completed report.)

The evaluation of your final project will be based on the following criteria:
· Comprehensiveness of the research. (Did you get the required information?)
· Organization of the Written Report. (Did you use the headings provided?)
· Relevance and significance of information presented.
· Evidence of understanding and application of course content in the paper.
· Writing skills. (Proof read what you write. Read it aloud to hear any errors that you didn’t see.)

The paper must be word-processed; single-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins. You may include any additional information that you feel is relevant to your paper in an appendix (pamphlets, brochures, charts….)
Note: This paper is graded by content, not by weight.

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