How Baseball is Significant to Today’s Society

Your essay will be graded according to the extent to which you achieve the following criteria (from most to least important):

A complex research question: The question is clear to the reader and addresses the value of the object to those who use it. It is sufficiently complex and focused on meaning (how or why questions) instead of facts. The question guides the inquiry; by the end of the essay, you should offer a provisional response to the question or outline new questions raised by the inquiry.
Useful and credible sources: The sources you select are reliable, credible, and appropriate to your research question. The sources are also used effectively, and relevant ideas are paraphrased in your own words and applied to your investigation. The sources are used fairly, give credit to their authors, and accurately represent their ideas.
Clear and logical structure: The choice of structure fits the approach to the research question suggested by the sources. The stories that you tell are clear, with relevant and detailed description of the object and its context.
Appropriate style and tone: Your essay uses language in a way that engages educated but nonacademic readers. The vocabulary is appropriate for the audience and the subject. The essay is checked for common errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation that would affect the progression, coherence, or reader’s ability to understand you.

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