Holzl Principles

Written Assignment 9

Applying the principles outlined by Holzl (1997), create a five-slide PowerPoint presentation that reflects the major points of your final project. Carefully choose images, color, and pertinent content to reflect your findings in the most professional light. Beyond the five-slides of content, the project should have a title slide and a Q&A slide. Ensure that the PowerPoint is professional by:

  1. Selecting a template that directly matches the purpose of your presentation.
  2. Not mixing clip art with photographs.
  3. Avoiding unnecessary sounds that could be distracting.
  4. Using points and not prose; that is, neither the presenter nor the audience reads during the presentation.
  5. Fade and dim points to keep both presenter and audience on track.
  6. Have only an image that represents the purpose of the presentation on the Q&A slide. During Q&A there should be no new information. The slide prevents you from fading to black.
  7. Keep the aspect ratio of all images.
  8. Use color and animation judiciously; a PowerPoint presentation should not resemble a video game.

Written Assignment 10

Directions: Carefully evaluate the content of your final project outline. Prepare a professional two- or three-paragraph summary detailing any considerations associated with a formal presentation on this topic.

Consider issues such as:

  • The mix, level, and type of audience
  • Delivery tips, including nonverbal ones
  • A plan for the type of presentation
  • Use of visual aids

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