High Prices of US Health Care and Barriers to Health Care

Document Outline

  1. Rationale
  2. Learning goals
  3. Directions
  4. Grade Rubric


The objective of the final project is to develop a research report on either high prices of US health care or barriers to care for a specific population. The purpose of the project is for you to master three different political responses to these issues and develop an intuition for social scientific analysis of these policy solutions. Each policy proposal that you develop should represent a different stakeholder group in health care policy, as well as their competing perspectives on the same health care issue.

Learning Goals

  • Develop high-standard, transferable skills: social science reading competencies; writing and social scientific writing norms; problem-solving skills – specifically the ability to pose questions related to health care policy and develop methods to answer those questions; creative thinking – specifically the ability to synthesize and apply disparate social science theories to health care topics at regional and national levels; critical thinking – specifically the ability to analyze social and political drivers of health care politics, including an intuition for policy analysis and outcome evaluation; communication and presentation skills.

General Directions

This project can be completed individually or with one partner. Pairs have a higher word count minimums (see below) and are held to a slightly higher grading standard.

  • Individuals have a word count minimum of 2000 words
    • Groups of two have a word count minimum of 2400 words
    • References and works cited section do not count towards the minimum word count requirement
    • If you work in a group of two then you must submit all assignments on canvas as individuals, and put both partners’ name on the submissions. In addition, individuals may have different submissions than other group members.

Specific Directions – Directions for Each Section of Your Final Project

There are five sections to this project (Topic Introduction; Literature Review; Policy Options; Evaluation Criteria). Each section has a separate set of specific directions, which are described below. Use these directions in each section of your final project. See the grade rubric for this project at the end of this document.

Cover page: put your name, partner name if applicable, semester, your major, and project title

Project Title: Use your topic sentence as your project title

Section 1: Topic Introduction – 1 point

State your topic and topic sentence. Write a brief statement on either why you chose this topic and/or why the general public should want to read your final project on this topic. Word count minimum = 150 words.

Section 2: Literature Review – 4 points

You must have at least five peer-reviewed or scholarly sources in your literature review. See separate directions for writing the literature review in the module “Final Project: Literature Review.” Your literature review must clearly follow the outlines from the documents labelled “Template Outline.” Word count minimum = 600 words.

Section 3: Policy Options – 12 points

You need to have three separate policy options: market-oriented; social protections; social justice. You need to have separate sections for each policy option. You can present the policies in table form following the format in the documents labelled “Policy Worksheets” (more clarification below*). Each policy option must address the four question areas outlined in the “Policy Worksheet” documents: who, what, how, and why. Word count minimum = 900 words (300 words per policy).

*See the document “Presenting Policy Options in a Table” for a template on inserting your policy options in table form. Alternatively, you can present each policy option in paragraph format in your paper, but be sure that each question area is clearly addressed: who, what, how, and why.

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria – 3 points

The basic question being answered in the evaluation component is – what measures will you use to compare the outcomes of your policy options? You will need at least two evaluation measures. For each evaluation criteria you will write: (1) Write one sentence defining your evaluation criteria and how it is measured. (2) Write one sentence on the relevance of the measure to your topic statement. (3) How will your policy options perform based on this evaluation measure? Rank your three policy options from best, middle, and worst (your policy options are the market-oriented, social protection, and social justice policies that you developed in previous assignments). Write 2-3 sentence explanations of justifications for the rankings. See examples on canvas for further guidance. Your rankings will directly answer these three questions: Which policy would perform best for the measure and why? Which policy would perform worst for the measure and why? Which policy would perform between best and worst and why? Word count minimum = 400 words (at least 200 words per evaluation criteria).

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