Healthcare Organization

Analyze critical factors in a healthcare organization’s internal and external environments that may positively or negatively affect the achievement of the organizational mission and goals.
Assess the relevant strategic decision-making and implementation issues within a healthcare organization.
Each student is required to conduct a half-hour-long interview with a person in a management position in a healthcare-related organization. You should choose a person to interview and make an appointment explaining that the purpose of the interview is to learn about leadership and gain practical insights. Use Quick Connect to help you find an industry leader for the interview if needed.


The leadership interview is an accreditation requirement for the HCAD program.

Ensure to notify the interviewee that you will be recording the encounter. The laws pertaining to recording vary by state. It is highly recommended that you obtain an agreement to be recorded as the first item, asking for permission then recording that acknowledgment. Make sure to send the transcribed notes to the interviewee to be checked for accuracy.

The interview must be transcribed and presented as a summary written report. Verbatim accounting is not required. The report must have 4 elements:

· Cover page: Your name, course number, and date

· Introduction: Who you interviewed and why (credentials, experience, position, etc.).

· Interview: The questions asked and the responses (short summary) received.

· Analysis: Your evaluation of the interviewer’s leadership philosophy, approach, and

    skills, as related to the course concepts.

You are encouraged to develop your own inquiry questions. Have no more than 5-10 relevant to leadership/management/administration of emergency response and strategic planning topics. This is an opportunity to explore the intangible factors of leadership and their application to emergency response situations. Please ensure you have a minimum of five citations and references in the APA 7th edition format.

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