Healthcare Organization Profile

Instructions: This paper should be 3-4 pages and in APA format. Use sources from this week’s readings/resources and outside sources when necessary to support your answers.

Find a healthcare organization. It can be a hospital or non-profit, as long as the organization focuses on health and healthcare. You will research the structure of the organization and will write an organizational profile. Your paper should include:

An overview of the organization. Who do they serve? What services do they offer?
What is their organizational structure? What are the benefits to this approach? What are the challenges to this approach?
What other organizational structure might work for this organization?
Knowing what you know about organizational structures and quality care, craft a memo (2-3 paragraphs) to the organization you selected expressing how organizational structure can impact quality care.’

Leadership in Health Care, text
Chapter 12: Theory of Organisational Life, pages 241-270
Chapter 13: Quality, pages 271-292

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