Health Information Systems for Population Health Management Advocacy

You are a health care leader in a large urban hospital that serves a diverse patient population. You have identified a specific population health issue that can be addressed using health information systems and applications. You will present a comprehensive advocacy plan to the hospital’s board of directors, which includes administrators, clinicians, and community leaders. This presentation is a pivotal moment to gain support to leverage health information systems and applications to impact the identified public health issue.
In this assignment, you are tasked with developing a comprehensive presentation that addresses a specific population health issue of your choice. You will explain the selected issue’s significance, articulate the role of health information systems (HIS) in addressing the issue, and create an advocacy plan. The assignment requires you to integrate current literature, consider ethical and privacy considerations, and discuss the roles of health informatics (HI) and health information management (HIM) professionals in advocating for responsible data management.
Presentation Required Components:
Choose a specific population health issue (e.g., diabetes management, vaccination coverage, mental health awareness) and explain the selected population health issue and its significance.
Develop and discuss a comprehensive advocacy plan while articulating the role of HIS in addressing the chosen topic, including: The health challenges, taking into account socioeconomic factors and health disparities, The benefits of HIS for population health management, How HIS can facilitate proactive health management, Incorporate current literature demonstrating how health care systems have successfully used HIS to address your selected population health issue or public health concerns.
Discuss the importance of ethical and privacy considerations in health data collection and sharing.
Explain how HIS can be used to reduce disparities and promote equitable health care access.
Explain how health informatics (HI) and health information management (HIM) professionals can promote responsible data management and advocate for the appropriate use of protected health information (PHI).
*** Please do not CREATE a powerpoint presentation. Please just create an outline layout of the information for a presentation. Example: title and information for each topic. Follow the rubric provided and provide APA citations for any sources you reference and create a reference list.

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