Health Communication Campaigns

Students will be selecting health topics to build communications campaigns around. Health communication messaging is typically very specific and action oriented, but the White Paper can begin to explore the topic from a general perspective. After each group selects a topic, individual students will write their own white paper around the topic. While the approach is general, the White Paper must be specific enough to narrow down the direction the message will take. A topic of “diabetes” would be too general. A more appropriate topic would be nutritional education to prevent diabetes. The White Paper will follow the MMWR format and provide the information requested in a SOCO template. The content of the information you provide will account for 80% of the grade.

Papers should include:

  1. A key message that you intend to build your communications around. This should include a brief background of the problem and possible solutions.
  2. Key facts about the condition. Please be sure to cite your references and provide quantitative data if appropriate.
  3. A description of the target audience. Why is this issue important for this audience? You may want to look for information about ways you might reach this audience, or what the literature suggests about behavior change for this audience. List the Primary and Secondary audiences and additional beneficiaries if they are not part of the Primary audience.
  4. You should have a minimum of four sources. Use APA format for the references and citations. The reference page is not included in the two page minimum requirement.

You may not have a communication objective at this time. If you already do have an objective in mind you can include it. You also may or may not yet have a theoretical framework in mind. If you have an idea of how your initiative would fit into a theoretical framework, you could include that as well (written, not pictures at this point).

Papers should be well constructed, using strong grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. The structure of your paper accounts for 20% of the grade.

While you will be working in groups to brainstorm and decide on your topic, each student must submit their own original writing. Student may not work together on the White Paper itself.

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