Harvey Weinstein Discussion

Discussion # 1 Disclaimer: Harvey Weinstein has admitted some “fault/liability” on some of the sexual harassment claims. Other “claims” may have been settled without admitting fault. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions. The following questions are to discuss the “law” and nothing else.

• Regarding Agency Relationships in Business and pertinent areas relating to Scope of Employment, Vicarious Liability, and Respondeat Superior.
• You can also review the profile of Harvey Weinstein at Wikipedia or watch videos such as the like:


Cara Delevingne Describes Alleged Sexual Harassment by Harvey Weinstein – YouTube

Question A: From 2005-2017 (before he was fired): Do you believe Harvey Weinstein to be a Principal, Agent, Independent Contractor, or “none of the above” with regards to the “Weinstein Company?” Fully explain
Question B: Regardless of how you answered Question A, what is the ethical basis for imposing vicarious liability on a principal for an agent’s torts?
Question C: Regardless of how you answers Question A or B, what is the ethical basis of Respondeat Superior, with regards to an “agent’s actions?

***Answer by incorporating facts, laws, rules, factors, etc., discussed in the case opinion. Required Questions A & B should total at least 150 words together {not each} of course you may post additional words!

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