Group Process Assignment

Group Proposal Instructions

Learners should develop a group proposal using the guidelines set forth in the Corey & Corey (2014) textbook (Chapter Titled, “Forming a Group”) and the additional instructions here.
● This APA formatted paper requires
● A minimum of 10 sources (at least half of which must be from scholarly sources such as peer refereed journals)
● At least 10 pages of text body in addition to the title page, abstract, reference page, and any appendices.
Before you begin writing, consider:

  1. What type of group will this be?
    a. Review the various kinds of groups in your textbook (Introduction), and select either:
    i. Task
    ii. Psychoeducational
    iii. Counseling
    iv. Psychotherapy
    v. Brief.
  2. What setting/focus will your group have?
    a. Review the various forms of application in your textbook (Chapters 10 & 11), and select either:
    i. Elementary, middle, or high school (groups designed for children or adolescents)
    ii. College campus students
    iii. Church
    iv. Nursing home
    v. Prison/detention
    vi. Inpatient or outpatient setting
    (NOTE: The above are just examples – you may pick something else!)

Next, begin to construct your proposal, making sure you specifically address the following:

  1. Introduction (NOTE: Do not label this section “Introduction” – see APA protocol)
    a. Background and rationale for your design
  2. Literature Review
    a. Relevant literature to support your rationale
  3. Objectives for the group
  4. Composition of the group
  5. Logistics to consider when planning the group:
    a. Recruitment
    b. Screening and selection process
    c. Frequency and Duration of Group Sessions (NOTE: Your design can include whatever you believe this most fitting approach. For example, you might choose an ongoing group over the course of a year, a series of single-session groups, a single group experience such as at a retreat or workshop, etc.)
    d. Attending to Diversity
  6. Group Process and Content:
    a. Ways you will attempt to balance process and content in your group.
    b. Specific content to be covered and protocol to be followed in each stage, including examples of how you will attend to both dynamics and your leadership role and functions. Stages to be covered:
    i. Initial Stage
    ii. Transition Stage
    iii. Working Stage
    iv. Final Stage
    c. State whether this group will attend to issues regarding Christianity, and why or why not.
  7. Evaluation:
    a. How will termination and follow-up appraisals be performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the group?
    b. What provisions will be made for persons who do not progress and/or who are harmed as a result of the group experience?
  8. Evaluation questions:
    a. Develop several questions that might be asked about the process and outcome of the group (see examples in Chapter 8, Final Stage of a Group)
    b. How will you assess the basic value of the group as a medium to affect the change outcome you are seeking?
    c. Describe how you plan to go about answering these questions
  9. Interpersonal Learning:
    a. Describe how you will help members translate (transfer of learning) interpersonal learning in the group to life beyond the group. Be sure to format all of the above using appropriate APA 6th Edition.

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