Group Podcast Reflection


The purpose of this reflection is for each group to undertake an honest and intentional inventory of the totality of their work together so that they can learn what worked, what did not, explore group roles and dynamics, and consider how this experience may inform their approach to small group work going forward in this doctoral program and in their professional lives.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Group members will have to honestly address conflicts and take stock on ways in which they are working well together. Small group work is not easy, but is critical to success in doctoral education and in all aspects of professional life. If groups do not work cohesively, it will be very difficult to complete this project successfully and get from it all of the intended learning benefits.


Each podcast will be asked to submit a 3–5-page reflection that is written and edited by the group-as-a-whole. Although a reflection, please cite relevant data sources and include a reference page where your ideas, meaning-making, and group process were influenced or understood in the context of evidence and literature. Your reflection paper must address the following prompts:

● As a group, what are your signature strengths and how are these reflected in your podcast?

● As you think about podcasting as both a source of evidence and teaching, in your groups’ opinion, for what audience would your podcast be most suited and why?

● What is something else about your group that you would like to reflect upon?

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