Green Revolution

Project #3 requires you to identify a time when the frame of reference was shifted by events occurring in the world at either an individual level or a communal one. As a result of events that occurred, a different sense of context and altered points-of-view emerged. This could have occurred in a local sense – something in your community, or family or circle of friends. It may have occurred on the national or international stage. The key is that it had an impact on you and changed the way you thought about, or approached, your life.

This project requires that you conduct reading and research to connect people’s immediate, first-person responses to the event/movement/experience that you decide to focus upon. Based upon your research, you will compose an informational piece in a form appropriate to your audience and purpose, building awareness and understanding about your specific topic. 

For this project, you will write an inquiry in four parts:

  • a thoughtful introduction/discussion of your chosen topic and why it was significant.
  • a report on your focused research. This report will make visible your method of looking deeper into your topic. Include discussion of how your research connects to your earlier thinking, and identifies the bigger questions you have developed as a result of your thinking and your research. That is, how has your awareness and understanding of your chosen topic and its contexts grown? Become more complicated?
  • a rationale: You will compose a rationale, identifying the following in bullet form:
    • identify the audience for your writing,
    • identify the purpose for which you are writing,
    • briefly reflect on the import and effectiveness of your analysis and research.
  • a bibliography: Be sure to include a bibliography that accounts for your research and thinking.



Class: Critical Conversations

TOPIC: Green Revolution – This paper will be about the Green Revolution in agriculture in the mid 20th century. The Audience for the paper is the general public. The purpose of said paper is to spread awareness of the pros and cons that have arisen from the green revolution. Such as, new farming techniques, genetic modifications of plants. The Sustainability of new varieties of seeds, impact on the commmunity and environment, and possible future happemnings.

Sources: – Green Revolution: Impacts, limits, and the path ahead, July 31, 2012

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