Global Well-Being in Action

NOTE: This assignment is due near the end of the course but it could be helpful to be generating and thinking about ideas throughout the course. 

There are many inspiring, ongoing Global Well-Being in Action (GWBA) projects in the United States and throughout the world. You may have been involved in some through mission work or travel abroad experiences. These projects are making a significant impact on the well-being of both children and adults.

See Global Well-Being in Action VIDEOS for examples. Some of these projects or programs have a social entrepreneurship focus, such as TOMS; some focus on individuals; some focus on major life challenges, such as sustainability of environment (e.g., recycled products, water, energy, etc.).

Your task is to create and describe a vision for a Global Well-Being in Action (GWBA) project. In no more than ONE Double-Spaced page you concisely share your vision/description for your own GWBA project–if you had unlimited resources, time, and motivation. Explain where the idea came from and why you believe it could have an impact on individual or community well-being. Basically, you are proposing to do something to make the world a better place similar to the video examples of other GWBA projects.

If you “borrow” or “tweak” an idea from a GWBA project or program that already exists, please make sure that you give credit to the source. Your vision can also be based on a GWBA project that you are or have been involved in.  

I’m purposefully leaving this GWBA project a bit ambiguous. The less information you have the more creative you will be.

Evaluation Criteria:  This culminating GWBA paper will be evaluated as to its creativity and originality. You also must connect your described vision to ONE required course reading from Module 4 (Readings #28 through 32).    

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