Global Ethics

Essays must relate theoretical perspectives and arguments to empirical cases/ examples. They must also demonstrate knowledge of at least four of the sources listed below.

Pick one question:

Is international philanthropy a good thing? (Use resources from Week 3)

Does migration justice require open borders? (Use resources from Week 8)

Do I have the right to sell my kidney to a foreign buyer? (Use resources from Week 11)

Week 3

P. Singer “Famine, Affluence and Morality” Philosophy and Public Affairs 1 (3) 1972: 229-243.
S. Wisor “Against Shallow Ponds: an argument against Singer’s approach to global poverty”, Journal of Global Ethics 7 (1) 2011: 19-32.
For UNDP reports on Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals, see: ;
David Crocker Ethics of Global Development (Cambridge University Press 2008)
D. Crocker “Development and Global Ethics: five foci for the future”, Journal of Global Ethics 10 (3) 2014: 245-53.
P. Gomberg “The Fallacy of Philanthropy”, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 32 (1) 2002: 29-66.
G. Hardin “Living on a Lifeboat”, Bioscience 24(10) 1974: 561-568.
A. Kuper “More Than Charity: cosmopolitan alternatives to the ‘Singer Solution’” Ethics and International Affairs 16 (1) 2002: 107-120. See also Singer’s reply and the exchange in the same volume.
Martha C. Nussbaum & Jonathan Glover (eds) Women, Culture and Development: a study of human capabilities (Oxford University Press 1995)
O O’Neill “Lifeboat Earth”, Philosophy &Public Affairs, Vol. 4, No. 3 (Spring, 1975), pp. 273-29.
J. Narveson “We Don’t Owe Them a Thing”, The Monist 86 (3) 2003: 419-433.
A. Sen “Food and Freedom”, World Development 17 (6) 1989: 769-781.
Amartya Sen Poverty and Famines: an essay on entitlement and deprivation (Oxford University Press 1983)
P. B. Thompson “From World Hunger to Food Sovereignty: food ethics and human development”, Journal of Global Ethics, 11 (3) 2015: 336-50.
S. S. Wichmann & T. S. Peterson “Poverty Relief: philanthropy versus Changing the System: a critical discussion of some objections to the ‘Singer Solution’”, Journal of Global Ethics 9 (1) 2013: 3-11.
C. D. Wraight The Ethics of Trade and Aid: Development, Charity or Waste? London: Bloomsbury, 2011.

Week 8

Browse the EU Agenda on Migration web pages and check out press releases and video clips on the migration ‘crisis’ and securing borders. Also Check out Priti Patel’s speech on the UK’s new policy on illegal migration to the UK.
Gillian Brock “Migration, Open Borders, Human Rights and Democracy”, Journal of Applied Philosophy 40 (1) 2023: 1-14.
Alex Sager “Why Migration Justice Still Requires Open Borders”, Journal of Applied Philosophy 40 (1) 2023: 15-25.
Sarah Song “Justice, Collective Self-Determination and the Ethics of Immigration”, Journal of Applied Philosophy 40 (1): 26-34.
A. Abizadeh “Democratic Theory and Border Coercion: no right to unilaterally control your own borders”, Political Theory 36 (1) 2008: 37-65.
T. Basaran “The Saved and the Drowned: governing indifference in the name of security”, Security Dialogue 46 (3) 2015: 205-220.
S. Benhabib “Borders, Boundaries and Citizenship”, PS: Political Science and Politics 38 (4) 2005: 673-677.
T. Bloom “Just Open Borders? Examining Joseph Carens’ open borders argument in the lights of a case study of recent Somali migrants to the UK”, Journal of Global Ethics 5 (3) 2009: 231-43.
G. Brock Justice for People on the Move: migration in challenging times Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.
J. Carens “Aliens and Citizens: the case for open borders”, The Review of Politics 49 (2) 1987: 251-273.
Joseph Carens Ethics of Immigration (Oxford University Press 2013)
Sarah Fine “Immigration and Discrimination” in SarahFine and Lea Ypi (eds) Migration in Political Theory: the ethics of movement and membership (Oxford University Press, 2016): 126-150.
Christopher Heath Wellman & Phillip Cole Debating the Ethics of Immigration: is there a right to exclude? (Oxford University Press 2011)
David Miller Strangers in our Midst: the political philosophy of immigration (Harvard University Press, 2016).
C. Straehle “Thinking about protecting the vulnerable when thinking about immigration: is there a ‘responsibility to protect’ in immigration regimes?’ Journal of International Political Theory 8 (1-2) 2012: 159-171.
Annamari Vilikainen and Kaspar Lippert-Rasmussen (eds) Symposium on Acceptable and Unacceptable Criteria for Prioritizing Among Refugees in a Nonideal World in Journal of Applied Philosophy, 37 (5) 2020.
L. Ypi “Borders of Class: migration and citizenship in the capitalist state”, Ethics and International Affairs 32 (2) 2018: 141-152.

Week 11

N. Scheper-Hughes “Rotten Trade: Millennial Capitalism, Human Values, and Global Justice in Organs Trafficking”, Journal of Human Rights, 2 (2) 2003: 197-226.
Journal of Medical Ethics, “Debate on Ethical Market in Human Organs”, 29 (3), 2003: 137-141.
A. Tanascoca and J. S. Dryzek “Determining Vaccine Justice in a Time of Covid-19: a democratic perspective”, Ethics and International Affairs 36 (3) 2022: 333-351.
General Sources of Public Health and Bio-ethics
F. Baylis, N. P. Kenny & S. Sherwin “A Relational Account of Public Health Ethics”, Public Health Ethics 1 (3) 2008: 196-209.
S. Benatar & G. Brock (eds) Global Health and Global Health Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)
A. L. Caplan and R. Arp (eds) Contemporary Debates in Bioethics, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell, 2014.
Ethics and International Affairs, Special Section on Health and Global Justice, 16 (2) 2002.
D. Hunter & A. J. Dawson “Is there a need for global health ethics?”, in Benatar & Brock (eds) Global Health and Global Health Ethics, pp. 77-88.
A. D. Pinto & R. E. G. Upshur (eds) An Introduction to Global Health Ethics (London: Routledge, 2013)
H. Widdows “Global Bioethics”, Chapter 9 of Global Ethics: an introduction (London: Routledge, 2014)

Sources on Organ Trade
G. M. Agomoni & N. Biller-Andorno “Vulnerabilityand Exploitation in a Globalized World”, International Journal of FeministApproaches to Bioethics 6 (1) 2013: 91-102.
A. L. Caplan and R. Arp (eds) Contemporary Debates in Bioethics, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell, 2014. See Debate between Cherry and Caplan pp. 49-71.
G. M. Danovitch “The Declaration of Istanbul on OrganTrafficking and Transplant Tourism”, Chapter 23 in G. M. Danovitch (ed) Handbookof Kidney Transplantation, Walters Kluwer, 2017: 565-567.
Monique Deveaux “Exploitations, structural injusticeand the cross-border trade in human ova”, Journalof Global Ethics 12 (1) 2016: 48-68.
J. A. Gupta “Reproductive Biocrossings: Indian eggdonors and surrogates in the globalized fertility market”, InternationalJournal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 5 (1) 2012: 25-51.
S. T. Khader “Intersectionality and the ethics of transnational commercial surrogacy”, International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 6 (1) 2013: 68-90.

N. Scheper-Hughes “The Ends of the Body: commodityfetishism and the traffic in human organs”, SAIS Review: Journal ofInternational Affairs, 22 (1) 2002: 61-80.

J. S. Taylor “A ‘Queen of Hearts’ Trial of Organ Markets: why Scheper-Hughes’s objections to markets in human organs fail”, Journalof Medical Ethics 33 (2007): 201-204.
L. Territo and R. Matteson (eds) The International Trafficking of Human Organs: a multidisciplinary perspective, London and NY: Taylor and Francis, 2012.
Sources on Ethical Issues re-Covid-19

C. Barry & K. Raworth “Access to Medicines and the Rhetoric of Responsibility”, Ethics and International Affairs, 16 (2) 2002: 57-70.
E. Emanuel et al “On the Ethics of Vaccine Nationalism: the case for a Fair Priority for Residents framework”, Ethics and International Affairs, 35 (4) 2021: 543-562.
D. I. Jeffrey “Relational Ethical Approaches to the Covid-19 Pandemic”, Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (8) 2020: 495-498.
S. Kraaijeveld “Vaccinating for Whom? Distinguishing between self-protective, paternalistic, altruistic and indirect vaccination” Public Health Ethics 13 (2) 2020: 190-200.
M. J. Selgelid “Justice, infectious diseases and globalization”, Ch 7 of Benatar & Brock (eds) Global Health and Global Health Ethics, pp 89-96.
D. A. Wilkenfeld and C. M. Johnson “In Defence of Vaccine Mandates: an argument from consent rights”, Public Health Ethics 15 (1) 2022: 27-40.

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