Giving Literature a New Life

The last unit of our class asks: how do the elements of fiction work together to create meaning? How do a story’s setting, narrative point of view, and characterization contribute to the theme/message of the text?


This assignment helps us think more deeply about these questions by giving a piece of fiction a new life.

  1. Pick one of the short stories we have read. It should be a story you really enjoyed, were intrigued by, or found to have an important message.
  • This is the creative project part of the assignment. Bring it to life in a new way, turning a part of the short story into a poem or part of a play. Re-read the story and which part of it you would that you think communicates the story’s theme well. Then decide if you will turn that section of the story into a poem or a scene in a play. If you choose to write a poem, it should have at least
  • The most important step! After you construct your creative project, write a 3-5 page comparative analysis that explains how the change in form allows you to highlight some aspect of the original text and even add new meaning to the text. What aspect of the original short story does your play or poem help you emphasize? How did you experiment with the elements of fiction (character development, setting, point of view, plot) in the process of creating your poem or dramatic scene?

                  Reflect how you manipulated it or changed the elements of fiction  in your        poem or play with the       help of elements of poetry or drama (for example in drama, you can use dialogue, monologue, stage directions, and/or soliloquy to portray various aspects of characterization, setting, or whose                    perspective the play focuses on; in poetry you can use the speaker, tone, figurative language, line         breaks, and imagery to emphasize the original story’s character development, point of view, setting,             or overall theme). 

Paper Two Journal:

Preceding your actual project, you will complete a series of steps in the Paper Two Journal.

  • Step 1) identifies what short story you plan to “reanimate,” why you chose it, and whether you chose to turn your selected short story into a poem or a scene in a play
  • Step 2) states why you chose poetry or drama as your target genre, as well as what aspect of the story your new form will highlight, and how the new form will add new meaning to the text (this will become the thesis of your analysis)
  • Step 3) detailed outline of the analysis paper

Grade breakdown:

  • Paper Two Journal                                                   50 points
  • Creative Project

 (a poem of at least one page

or play scene of 1-2 pages)                                                   50 points

  • Analysis Essay (3-5 pages

                                                                                                            150 points


Font: Times New Roman , Cambria, or Calibri

Font size: 12 or 11

Margins: 1-inch margins on left, right, top, and bottom

Spacing: double-spaced throughout, no additional space between paragraph

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