Funding Issues in Higher Education: Annotated Bibliography

Week 4 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography


In this assignment, you are to write an annotated bibliography of three articles about funding issues related to higher education. When looking for articles, try to find articles that relate to the content in the McGee chapter on Economic Disruption. Also, for this project, you may not use the Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education. However, you may use the Wall Street Journal, University Business Magazine, policy papers, and other publications that provide solid information on this topic.


Step 1

  • Find and read three articles about the broad issue of college affordability and its impact on higher education institutions.

Step 2

  • Cite each of your articles using APA style
  • Provide the permalink
  • Summarize each article (175-200 words for each annotation). Do not copy and paste the article’s abstract, be sure to summarize the article and the findings in your own words. 

Click on the following link for tips on how to prepare an annotated bibliography or conduct a Google or Google Scholar search for helpful resources: How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography.


Required Readings:  

  • McGee, J. (2015). Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education. Johns Hopkins University Press. Chapter 4 through Chapter 9.
  • Swanger, D. (2018). The Future of Higher Education in the U.S.: Issues Facing Colleges and their Impacts on Campus, pages 11-14.

Required Resources:

  • Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education and The Wall Street Journal.

Recommended Readings:

Recommended Resources:

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