Functional Medicine Matrix

Please answer using 750-1200 words for this topic (excluding references or other material). Use complete sentences throughout, adhering to scientific writing standards and communicating at a professional level for an audience of clinicians.

Make sure to address all parts of each question. Citations are not required unless you are making assertions that require outside evidence to substantiate (e.g. effect sizes from a nutritional intervention, other items that are not assumed knowledge for graduates of this program). Provide your answers to both questions below in a single Word document (.doc or .docx).

Note: the originality of your work will be carefully evaluated. Please make absolutely certain that you have not taken phrases, sentence structure or whole sentences from any other source or author (or from your own past work in other courses).

Assignment #1


  1. What are the major elements (nodes, aka core clinical imbalances) of the functional medicine matrix?
  2. For each node, explain its importance to human health and disease.
  3. Describe a disease/condition that arises primarily from an imbalance within that node: how does this imbalance cause/contribute to the disease?
  4.  For each disease/condition, describe a nutrition-focused treatment that targets that node: how does its mechanism of action connect with the clinical imbalance/node that characterizes the disease?

To learn about the functional medicine matrix,

  1. Video about functional medicine matrix
  2. Video about communication node
  3. Stanford’s Susan Payrovi, MD, on Functional Medicine Approach to Health
  4. I have attached a picture of a functional medicine matrix for review.

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