Forensics Firms

Back before my time, the only options for a digital forensics specialist’s workplace were in the FBI. Now, digital forensics has become an industry onto itself. There are many privately owned forensics investigation firms, with a variety of qualifications and services. For this assignment, look into forensics firms and provide the following in a written report:
• At least four services commonly provided by private digital forensics firms.
• At least four rules/laws that govern digital forensics in some way. These can apply to any group that does forensics, not just private firms. For example, there are many laws regulating how law enforcement performs digital forensics.
In addition to the presentation of your findings, the paper should also have an introduction that grabs the readers’ attention and introduces the topic of the paper and a conclusion section that contains at least 3 bulleted, specific recommendations substantiated by your research. This assignment, and a few others in this course, requires that you do some amount research and analyze the facts. Whenever you make a claim or state an opinion, back that statement up with analysis and well-founded sources. Cite your sources. Limit your response to 3 pages.

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