Foreign Policy Analysis

Please select one of the following questions for your essay: Please inform me of the question that you choose so I can share relevant readings with you.

• How do we know when a country experiences a change in its foreign policy identity? Use an example of one country.
• To what extent is a president, or a head of state, unconstrained in developing and executing foreign policy? Discuss in relation to one example.
• Cultural diplomacy is an effective instrument of foreign policy. Evaluate the statement in relation to activities of one state.
• How can we distinguish between foreign policy crises and foreign policy events? Use examples from one state.
• Is ethical foreign policy successful? Use one case study to support your argument.
• To what extent do the factors shaping foreign policies in the economic sphere differ from the security sphere? Discuss in relation to one state.
• To what extent is economic diplomacy shaped by domestic political factors? Use one state as an example in your discussion.
• The main obstacle to the negotiation of an international solution to climate change is not the conflict across countries but rather the conflict within countries. Discuss this statement in relation to one state.

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