Final Term Summary Project

Answer all four essay questions!

Write approximately one paragraph (250-300 words) per essay question. Use complete sentences, not bullet points. PLEASE DOUBLE SPACE AND USE 12 POINT FONT. As with all assignments for this class, send it to me via email as a Word doc or Google doc.

Refer to class readings, Prezis (lectures and slides), and the visual media from the Prezis when answering the essay questions. Do not use other (outside of class) resources. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR POINTS but avoid long direct quotations; summarize materials in your own words. 

Do not forget to cite your sources with in-text citations (no reference page is necessary)! Information about the articles (author, date of publication) can be found on the course outline. You can use APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of Style to cite your sources. Formatting information for assignments is on page 7 of the course outline. There is a YouTube verbal instruction video for the assignment on the Blackboard content area.


  • Explore the concept of the Man Box and how, in particular, ideas about manhood, men’s bodies, and masculinity are understood through science and culture.
  • Referring to readings and Prezis, discuss the commonalities and differences in the ways that medical science defined and treated people of intersex experience and people of transgender experience.
  • How has medical racism affected the quality of life and health outcomes of Indigenous and Black peoples?
  • What impact did medical eugenics in Canada have on the treatment of specific populations deemed to be problematic or undesirable?

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