Film Research and Analysis

Write an essay on ONE of the following topics dealing with films from the syllabus. 

Whichever films you choose for this assignment will be off-limits as options for the Final Exam.

This is a research essay, and you must use and cite a minimum of THREE SCHOLARLY SECONDARY SOURCES in order to develop your argument.  

**You may NOT use the Sikov textbook for this assignment.

FORMAT: Your essay MUST follow MLA format, and be typed, titled, paginated, double-spaced, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and include a Works Cited page.

1) Genre: Discuss one or two films in terms of their genre. You might examine how a single film engages in one or two genres, or you could compare and contrast two films regarding how they engage in a single genre. Your research should explore the chosen genre and its significant elements and explain how your chosen film[s] fit within that.

2) Auteur: Compare a film on the syllabus to another film by the same director. Do they address the same themes or use the same style? Does the director have any sort of “trademark,” or are they expressing a political stance, something that really makes it “their film?”

**Merely declaring a director an “auteur” is NOT a substantial thesis. You need to engage with auteur studies concepts and film form to provide a detailed analysis of the director’s film’s style and ideas. Avoid praise. Celebrity is irrelevant. Artistic approach and cultural commentary are crucial.

If you choose to write an auteur essay on Kathryn Bigelow AND you wrote your sequence analysis on Near Dark, then you must pick a different Bigelow film to compare to Point Break.

3) Realism, Anti-realism, and Cinematic Style: Discuss one or two films in terms of how they engage with either a realist narrative and aesthetic or an anti-realist narrative and aesthetic. Your research should get into specifics about cinematic style and film form (e.g. we’ve talked a bit about POV shots and their meanings and effects, about color vs. black-and-white cinematography, etc.)

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