Film Reaction and Analysis

Film 1 paper

In each paper you will discuss what the film was about and your thoughts and reaction to each film.

a. Paper format: No cover page, body of text should be ONE page, single spaced,


b. Paper guidelines: These reaction papers should not be merely a synopsis of the film, but should reflect some thought about the film(s) and how they might relate to concepts we are covering in class that week. See the film worksheet as a guide to know what questions you should be asking yourself as you view each film. Film reaction papers that include especially perceptive

analysis rather than just summarizing the plot will receive up to 5 extra credit points per paper. Papers that do not meet formatting guidelines or that contain excessive grammatical/spelling errors will not earn full points.

Film: The Lost Pueblo Village, CO

Directed by Bruce Barrow, Narrated by Justine Shapiro, Produced by Bruce BarrowOregon Public BroadcastingVideotext Communications, In Time Team America, Season 2, Episode 4 (Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service, 2014)54 minutes

Film: Secrets of Stonehenge

NOVA, Season 37, Episode 15, Secrets of Stonehenge

directed by Gail Willumsen, fl. 1992-2014; produced by Melanie Wallace, fl. 2011, Gail Willumsen, fl. 1992-2014, Jill Shinefield, fl. 1994-2014 and Lisa Mirowitz, fl. 2002, WGBH Educational Foundation, in NOVA, Season 37, Episode 15 (Arlington, VA: Public Broadcasting Service, 2010), 53 mins

Film: Frozen Tomb of Mongolia

directed by Cédric Robion, fl. 2007 (Paris, Ile-de-France: ZED (Film production), 2014), 53 mins


Read these questions before you watch the film so that you will know what to look for while

you watch. If you make notes while the movie is playing, make sure that your note taking

doesn’t interfere with carefully watching the film. You will use parts of your answers to the

questions below in your film reaction paper (ONE PAGE LONG, SINGLE SPACED). Answers

need to be complete and comprehensive, demonstrating that you paid attention to the film

and thought about what was shown on the screen. All responses should be in complete

sentences using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

1. State the title of the film and the year it was released. Then briefly describe what the film

is about.

2. Identify the people, places, events, or aspects of people, society or nature that are the

focus of this film. Describe and clarify the significance of each.

3. List four facts described in the film that impressed you and explain how each fact relates

to the film’s premise or theme.

4. Nonfiction can enrich viewers in several important ways. Describe any aspect of the film

that showed you something you hadn’t seen before, caused you to think in a new way, or

helped you understand something more thoroughly than before. In addition, describe how

it changed your thinking.

5. Was there anything that you saw or heard in the film that was unconvincing or which

seemed out of place and why?

6. What particularly appealed to you in the cinematic presentation of the film, such as the

way in which particular scenes, images, or sounds were presented?

7. If the filmmakers were to ask you how the film could be improved, what would you tell

them? Describe the changes you would suggest in detail and the reasons for your


8. If someone asked you whether you would recommend this film, how would you

respond? Fully explain your reasons.

Please watch one of the below films. To ensure the correct film, I provided the information of the film also.

The questions that should be answered are on the provided document. Please try to notate the minute and seconds for each question answered so that I can watch the film and notice your answers. Not required. But it will just help me out.


Film: The Lost Pueblo Village, CO

Film: Secrets of Stonehenge

Film: Frozen Tomb of Mongolia

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