Fair for Everyone

Instructions for Assignments:

  • The assignment must be in Word to be graded. No other format is accepted.
  • Sibmit the work to assignments per directions.
  • Use TurItIn.
  • Written as an APA-styled essay.
  • References required per rubric.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions and the rubric.

In a short white paper (summary style essay), with references, write a pursavsive report on a cultural diverse issue you have witnessed, know about, or percieve is or could be a problem in your professional life. This can be staff/employer/faculty, patient, families, unit, or community issue/public health issue (pharmacuitical cost, language barriers, preventative/wellness care, socioeconomic needs. You have many ideas/issues to choose from.

  • State the issue and why it is an issue
  • Using a cultural model, explain how all people can better address the issue
  • Make two recommendations
  • Conclude with a respectful thank you and salutation

Use the cultural model: Purnell Model.

At least 2 references. One reference has to come from the following book: Philosophies and Theories For advanced Nursing Practice Fourth Edition by Janie B. Butts & Karen L.Rich.

I have attached a couple of articles to use below, feel free to use another if you would like.




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