Facilitating Learning and Assessment in the Clinical Environment

Assignment 2 000 word essay.

‘Critically analyse the ways in which the practice assessor/supervisor can facilitate learning and assessment in the clinical environment’.

Assessing Learning Outcomes: Knowledge 1 and 2 Skills 3, 4, 5 and 6.


  1. An understanding of student learning styles and their impact on the student experience.

2 . An understanding of the factors that can contribute to a supportive learning environment.


  1. A proficiency in the formative and summative assessment of students.
  2. An ability to analyse strategies which can be used in giving and receiving feedback to students.
  3. An ability to evaluate strategies to promote evidenced-based practice.
  4. Leadership when applying practice assessor and supervisor skills in practice.
  5. An ability to critically analyse the concept of reflective practice.
  6. An ability to critically evaluate the reliability and validity of assessment strategies

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