Evidence-Based Practice Reflection Paper

You have reviewed a lot of material throughout this course.

  • Summarize in a 3-page paper how you have evolved as a nurse though the participation in this course, and how you think you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course. You identify the learning outcomes and the program outcomes you achieved and how you think you have achieved them (Refer to the learning outcomes on your syllabus and the program outcomes in the RN to BSN handbook as well as syllabus).
  • Remember that achieving the learning outcomes is important to attaining the overall program outcome.
  • What course learning objective or outcome, program outcome, and baccalaureate nursing essentials do you think you achieved by completing this course?
  • How will you incorporate what you have learned into your nursing practice moving forward?

Note: The grade for this reflection paper is part of you final assignment grade is included in the rubric. No less than 3 pages or more than 5 pages, double space in APA format. See the minimum requirement for APA format papers. Citations and References in APA format, please.

The reflection paper is graded at 100 points. Be sure to review the grading rubric to ensure that you get all the points for this paper.

  1. An in-depth reflection on, and personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented in the course materials to date. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed examples are provided, as applicable. Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise, discussing both growth and frustrations as they related to learning in class, as well as implications for future learning.
  2. In-depth synthesis of thoughtfully selected aspects of experiences related to the course topics. Makes clear connections between what is learned readings, outside experiences and the topics. The reflection is an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the derived learning to self or others, and the enhancement of the student’s appreciation for the discipline. Demonstrate further analysis and insight resulting from what you have learned from readings, includes reference to at least two readings other than those assigned for class.
  3. Synthesize, analyze, and evaluate thoughtfully selected aspects of ideas or issues from the class discussion as they relate to the course learning outcomes and the BSN program outcome. (Review your syllabus and students handbook to help make connections).

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