Ethics and Professionalism

This assignment is intended to support the attainment of competence in:

• Competency 1: Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior
• Competency 3: Engage Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ADEI) in Practice
• Competency 4: Engage in Practice-informed Research and Research-informed Practice
• Competency 6: Engage with Individuals
• Competency 8: Intervene with Individuals
• Competency 9: Evaluate Practice with Individuals

Ethics Case Review Assignment “Do the Right Thing: Annie”
The Ethics Case Review is a case analysis of an assigned vignette. The purpose of the Case Review is for you to demonstrate your ability to engage in ethical decision skills by applying the tools in a short answer response format. You are asked to reflect on a case which has already happened, and which is being described retrospectively by a social worker named Annie. Annie entitles her essay on “Doing the Right Thing” and she makes the case to the reader that she has, indeed, done the right thing. Your job is to read her analysis, and determine if you agree or not that she did the right thing in her situation.
In the course of your analysis, you’re going to answer questions that integrate insights from the lectures and reading materials, (so do them!). This is an opportunity to demonstrate that you know how to apply the initial skills we cover in the course, including articulation of your ethical preference, use of values clarification, power analysis, and code consultation, application of ethical theories, harms analysis and making a reasoned, theory-informed, case for or against Annie’s actions. You end by answering the question: Did Annie do the right thing, yes or no? Because it’s so easy to get caught up in writing very long responses in ethical analysis, I’ve crafted this response form to help you keep your observations and responses short and to the point. Let the “boxes” be your guide. Don’t be worried about the exact number of sentences; please reread for spelling errors and correct grammar, as you would for any assignment. Write your responses on this form. Include citations from at least three reference sources. The rubric is below for your use.

  1. Overview: Introduce and briefly summarize the dilemma. (1 point; 2-3 sentences MAX!)
    Overview Response:
  2. Ethical Preference: Acknowledge your gut reaction to the case and briefly discuss why you feel this way. (What comes up for you initially? What do you think is the “right” thing to do at the outset?) (2 points; 3-4 sentences, max one paragraph)

Ethical Preference Response:

  1. Values Clarification: Identify the values at stake here by identify at least two values “clashes” where principles seem to be colliding with each other and “creating” the dilemma. (Use the language of the Adapted Belmont Principles and/or NASW values/principles to help you clarify values.) (5 points; 2 paragraphs, one for each values clash or slightly more)

Values Clarification Response:

  1. Power Analysis: Assess the power dynamics and social justice issues embedded in the vignette beginning with the issue of mass incarceration. Then, address and name two others within the context of power analysis. (Think about the various stakeholders—visible and invisible. Who has or needs resources? Who has the power to make the decision? How have norms/standards been set and by whom? Who gets to “frame” reality? Where is there injustice? Look deeply for social and economic “clues” that help you grasp the social justice consideration. Here are some mass incarceration resources:; ) (6 points; 3 paragraphs, one for each social justice issue)
    Power Analysis Response:
  2. Other Observations: Reflect on legal, professional, educational, or sociological aspects of this case, by integrating insights from at least two articles from the readings on the syllabus. (5 points; 2-3 paragraphs, one about each article)

Observations Response:

  1. Code Consultation: Consult the NASW Codes of Ethics, identifying and considering relevant standards. Choose at least three practice standards and discuss how they might have helped Annie had she used them. (Which standards or principles seem to apply? Are some being ignored or utilized by various parties involved? Discuss them, citing the numbers of the specific standards that are being implemented or underutilized. (6 points; 1-2 paragraphs)

Code Consultation Response:

  1. Theory Application: Review and utilize at least three ethical theories that we have covered in class—deontology (Kantianism), utilitarianism (consequentialism), plus at least one other. Write a few sentences about each and how they apply to the case. (Remember that a single theory may be applied to show different ways to think about a case, so be sure to explore all possible decision-making implications of a single theory. How can theories help you here? Which theories help you to make sense of the vignette and your decisions? Which theories seem most applicable?) (6 points; 3 short paragraphs)

Theory Application Response:

  1. Harms Analysis: Conduct a harms analysis of possible solutions to the ethical dilemma faced by Annie by using the model we have covered. Identify the harms/benefits of the action Annie took, and then identify an alternative and do the same. (4 points; fill in the grid below with at least three bullet points per harms/benefit)

Harms Analysis Response:

  • 1 Action Annie chose: HARMS #1 Action Annie chose: BENEFITS

2 Other Action she could have chosen HARMS #2 Other Action she could have chosen BENEFITS

  1. Decide: Answer the question: Did Annie do the right thing? Why or why not? Which tools were most helpful? (How might Annie have proceeded differently? (3 points; 2 paragraphs)

Decision Response:

  1. References/Citations:
    Please properly cite at least three articles that you drew from to craft your short answers. Since you will need to cite the NASW Code of Ethics, the standards should be cited in the body of the Code Consultation section and the citation for the whole code should be included here. (1 point)

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